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Pass/No Credit Option Allows Students to Avoid a Withdrawal!

It is in students’ best interest to earn the highest possible grade to maximize their learning and to meet expectations for grades required for graduate and professional schools, employment, and licensure. However, the expanded Pass/No Credit option is again being offered in recognition of the multiple challenges to student well-being and with the remote/modified learning environment due to COVID-19. This option gives students the opportunity to persist beyond the typical withdrawal period, knowing that once grades are posted for the term, they can select Pass or No Credit, rather than receiving a poor grade. The Pass/No Credit grading option for eligible Spring 2021 courses will be available for students to choose via Self-Service Banner from May 18 through June 4, 2021.  Visit the FAQs regarding the Pass/No Credit Option. Note: This option is not available to students enrolled in MD, DO, or PhD programs. Some graduate courses have minimum grade requirements.

If withdrawing is the only viable option, please note that this term the regular and late withdrawal periods are being combined into a single withdrawal period. The withdrawal deadline for full-term courses is 4/12/21, and all withdrawals this term will be assigned a W. Please note that there is no reduction of tuition and fees for withdrawal. 

Students should follow these steps to request a Course Withdrawal:

  1. Students copy and paste the information (including these instructions) below into a new email.
  2. Students must complete the “Student & Course Information.”
  3. Students must send the email to the PROFESSOR of the course.
  4. The professor will complete the “Professor Information & Approval” details and then send the email to registrar@rowan.edu.
  5. The email must be received within posted deadlines* (by 4/12/21 for full-term courses) and the Registrar Team will honor the date it is received.
  6. When the withdrawal is processed both the student and the faculty member will receive a confirmation email.

Student Name (Last, First):
Rowan ID#:
Start & end dates of course:
Title of Course: 
Course #:
Reason for withdrawal:

Professor Name (Last, First):
Last date student attended/logged in:

*All registration-related dates for the Spring 2021 term can be found here

To boost your success, plan to use Rowan’s many student support resources including tutoring, success coaching, the Office of Career Advancement, and the Office of Disability Resources. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your progress this semester and start to plan for Fall 2021. Stay engaged with Rowan’s many in-person and virtual activities and events through ProfLink.

Students can still elect the Pass/No Credit option for Fall 2020 courses by emailing registrar-records@rowan.edu with their Banner ID number and the specific course information for which they wish to change the grade to a P or NC.

Contact Information:

Office of the University Registrar

Submitted By:

Name: Jena Mazzio
Department: Registrar's Office - Main
Title: Project Coordinator
E-Mail: mazzio@rowan.edu

Approved By:

Name: Linda Drexel
Department: Registrar's Office - Main
Title: Registrar
E-Mail: drexel@rowan.edu

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