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RowanNEXT will launch January 20

The Division of Enrollment Management, alongside many partners across the institution, is excited to share some information on an amazing resource and community designed specifically for graduate students: 


Network. Engage. Explore. Transcend.  

All graduate students (Masters, Doctoral, and COGS) will be given access to the community in Canvas at the start of their first term of enrollment. There is no cost to the student and, while access is granted automatically, participation is optional. This community will serve as a space they want to connect with, providing them curated graduate services, resources, networking and connections that meet their unique needs as graduate students.  

The goal is to continue to expand and provide updated, engaging content focused on graduate students (both online and on-campus) to: 

RowanNEXT launches on January 20 and will be available in Canvas to all graduate students.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding RowanNEXT, before or after attending a walkthrough session, please let us know by emailing rowannext@rowan.edu. We greatly appreciate your continued collaboration as we strive to improve support for all Rowan University graduate students.   

Contact Information:

Amanda Coltri
Strategic Planning and Management
Digital Strategist

Submitted By:

Name: Amanda Coltri
Department: Strategic Planning and Management
Title: Associate Director, CRM & Digital Strategy
E-Mail: coltria@rowan.edu

Approved By:

Name: John Hand
Department: Strategic Enrollment Management
Title: Sr. Vice President, Div of Strategic Enrollment Management
E-Mail: handj@rowan.edu

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