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Fall 2020 Pass/No Credit Option/Extended Withdrawal Deadline

Important dates:

Course withdrawal deadline for most fall 2020 courses: Wednesday, December 2

Deadline for fall 2020 pass/no credit grading selection: Monday, January 25, 2021

Below is the Extra Edition Rowan Announcer from November 19: Pass/No Credit Grading Option for Fall 2020

Faculty and students are having great success with hybrid and remote learning models this fall. However, it is apparent from survey data shared with us by the Student Government Association and our own observations that there are ongoing challenges for many students.

In light of the rising cases of COVID-19 throughout the region and the added stress that may bring to students in a variety of ways for the balance of the semester, the University is reinstating the Pass/No Credit grading option for Fall 2020.  The Pass/No Credit grading option will allow students to determine their priorities, make decisions about how they want to complete their course requirements, and minimize their academic and personal risk factors.  Students should always try to earn a letter grade if possible and are urged to consult with instructors and advisors regarding this decision and its implications for future academic and professional plans. Letter grades and/or a minimum GPA may still be required for graduate school or professional certification and licensure.

Eligibility and Your Options for P/NC Grading

The option to select Pass/No Credit grading is available for all undergraduate and graduate courses in fall 2020 (but does not apply to students enrolled in MD, DO, or PhD programs). Please see FAQs.

Instructors will assign letter grades as they normally would by December 28, 2020. Letter grades should be determined on the basis of work completed. After letter grades are posted, students will have until January 25, 2021, to decide to replace a passing letter grade with P (Pass) or replace a failing grade with NC (No Credit) via Self-Service Banner. Credits are earned for a P grade, but not for the NC grade; neither has an effect on GPA.  

If students choose the P/NC option, at the undergraduate level, any grade of D- or higher will convert to P. At the graduate level, the minimum grade required to convert to P will be determined per graduate program policy and will be communicated to students by the program coordinator. Courses in which a P grade is earned will count toward degree requirements for graduation.

Consult with your advisor

Courses in which a P grade is earned may count as fulfillment of pre-requisites. However, students should consult with advisors and faculty to understand the impact of this decision and its possible effects on academic standing, satisfactory academic progress, financial aid, graduate and professional school applications, employment opportunities, certification and licensure, athletic eligibility, and other circumstances where GPA is a consideration.  The University continues to review guidance from accreditors and will inform students of conditions, restrictions and waivers that may affect their decisions. 

The Repeating a Course policy is waived for courses taken during the Fall 2020 term, which will not count as attempts.  Courses in which Pass/No Credit grading is selected will not count against normal limits on the number of credits that can be earned with a P grade.

Withdrawal Option

To allow you time to consider all options, the Withdrawal Deadline is extended until Wednesday, December 2, 2020.  All withdrawals this term will be assigned a W. Please note that there is no reduction of tuition and fees for withdrawal.  Please see https://sites.rowan.edu/registrar/registration-information/registration-adjustments.html for instructions for course withdrawals. If you withdrew from a course within the past week (since 11/12) and believe you can pass the course, you may request reinstatement by emailing mailto:registrar@rowan.edu with your request (include your Banner ID and the course title and CRN).

Common Questions

Should I withdraw? If you’re not sure if you will earn a D- or higher, the P/NC grading option allows you to take the chance of earning credit for the class instead of withdrawing.  The NC grade is a failing grade and you will not earn credit, but it will not impact your GPA.  If you determine that there is no chance you will earn a grade of D- or above or if you feel that retaking the class is in your best interest, you should withdraw before the Withdrawal Deadline (December 2).  After that deadline, withdrawal will be permitted only in cases where unanticipated circumstances delayed or changed your decision. 

Should I choose the P/NC grading option? Make this decision carefully. You should always try to earn a letter grade if you can. Letter grades and/or a minimum GPA may still be required if you want to go to graduate school or pursue professional licensure.  If you are unable to devote your full attention and effort to a class and you don’t feel a letter grade represents your academic performance, the P grade allows you to earn the credits with no impact on your GPA.  The P grade also waives the minimum grade requirement for pre-requisite courses. However, while earning a P may allow you to move on to the next course in a sequence, you may not be prepared if you didn’t master the pre-req material. 

Can I request an Incomplete? If you have completed the majority of course requirements and are in good standing but are unable to complete a final requirement, your instructor may agree to assign an Incomplete (IN) and allow you additional time, following the normal policy.

Although we are facing a lot of uncertainty about the future right now, one thing is for sure: there will be a future and we all need to think ahead.  We have done our best to provide you with options that will not compromise your future if your academic performance is being significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis.  As we enter the last few weeks of the term, please keep in mind this important guidance about your academic future as you make decisions about Fall 2020 and be sure to talk with your advisor about the pros and cons.

Best wishes for a healthy and successful end of the semester. Please use the many University resources available to assist you.

Yours truly,

Tony Lowman, Ph.D.


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Submitted By:

Name: Rory McElwee
Department: Student Affairs
Title: Vice President for Student Affairs
E-Mail: mcelwee@rowan.edu

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Name: Rory McElwee
Department: Student Affairs
Title: Vice President for Student Affairs
E-Mail: mcelwee@rowan.edu

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