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Announcing a new CUGS in Blockchain Applications

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Blockchain Applications in Business and Social Sciences. This CUGS provides a sequence of courses that combines Blockchain Technology topics and its applications in business, economics, finance, government, and many other social sciences. This will entail taking an interdisciplinary core courses as well as courses in Economics, Accounting & Finance, and computer sciences, and will improve the employment and career opportunities of undergraduate students entering the job market upon graduation.

This CUGS requires 12 s.h. as below:

6 s.h. of required courses:

INTR 01.301 Blockchain Applications- No Prerequisites

CS 04.250 Cryptography and Blockchain Essentials- No Prerequisites

6 s.h. of these elective courses (Two of following three courses):

FIN 04.444 Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Applications*

MIS 02.320 Business Applications of Blockchain- No Prerequisites

A new course on ‘Socio-Economic Applications of Blockchain’ (in process to develop)

*Prerequisite: FIN 04.300 Principles of Finance

Some of the above courses (INTR 01.301 Blockchain Applications, FIN 04.444 Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Applications, and MIS 02.320 Business Applications of Blockchain) will be running this Spring semester (Spring 2021). Note that all of the above courses will be offered at least once a year.

To be awarded the CUGS in Blockchain Applications in Business and Social Sciences, students must complete all the courses required for the CUGS with at least a 2.0 average GPA. This CUGS is relevant for any major, but it is especially well suited for students majoring in Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare, Political Science, International Studies, Public Policy, and many other social sciences and business-related majors.

Contact Information:

Kul Kapri

Coordinator- CUGS in Blockchain Applications

Email: kapri@rowan.edu

Contact Information:

Kul Kapri
Department of Political Science and Economics
Coordinator - CUGS in Blockchain Applications
(856) 256-4866

Submitted By:

Name: Jean Bubacz
Department: IRT - SVP/CIO Office
E-Mail: bubacz@rowan.edu

Approved By:

Name: Stephen Fleming
Department: College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Title: Associate Dean
E-Mail: flemings@rowan.edu

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