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Students, Do You Have Access to Appropriate Technology?

It is important that students determine their access to appropriate technology and internet resources to successfully complete their courses.

Devices: If you already have or will be purchasing a laptop or other device, please be sure to review this site for recommended specifications and purchasing options: www.rowan.edu/laptop. In addition, students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisors about any recommended technologies suggested for their major. Note that some online and local vendors may also provide the option to rent a device. Students are also encouraged to have headsets and webcams to facilitate participating in class.

Computer labs and printing At this time, University computer labs are expected to be open for student usage. See locations here. Information about printing on campus is here

Internet: While both commuters and campus residents can freely use Rowan’s wi-fi, in the event of a campus closure, students must ensure that they have access to the internet to complete coursework remotely. We encourage you to consult with your internet provider to ensure service is possible where and when you need it. If you do not currently have access to wi-fi, many providers offer service at affordable rates. 

Financial assistance for technology: 

Students who are not sure how they can access appropriate technology due to affordability can email deanofstudents@rowan.edu for assistance. The Dean of Students office is located in Suite 210, Chamberlain Student Center.

Contact Information:

Rory McElwee
Vice President of Student Affairs

Submitted By:

Name: Rory McElwee
Department: Student Affairs
Title: Vice President for Student Affairs
E-Mail: mcelwee@rowan.edu

Approved By:

Name: John Hand
Department: Strategic Enrollment Management
Title: Senior Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs
E-Mail: handj@rowan.edu

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